Page 11: The Fog

This morning, we woke up to the sight of thick, grey fog covering the land. There was a eerie calm, the silence was deafening and the sun was nowhere to be found. It give me the feeling of a horror film called “The Fog”. The hair on the back of my neck began to stand up as I walked toward the car. The headlights this morning were definitely necessary. We could see the shadowy figures of hikers and joggers along the street. ( why would they risk their lives like this) I could barely see more than 5 feet in front of me. The drive to the dock was slow and risky. As the sun tried to burst its way through, the fog continuously choked it. The airport was open but all flights were grounded until further notice. As I watched my husband get on the ferry to Harbour island, the boat seemed to float on the clouds. All was calm, it was beautiful. It glided majestically across the white water, leaving ripples behind. On the journey back home, the sun has managed to break free from its foggy grave. It was shining gloriously. The bees were buzzing, the trees dancing from the gentle breeze. The nightmare was over, the fog had lifted.






Page 3: Quaint and bustling town

So I had to go to harbor island yesterday to do business. I’m usually not ever thrilled to catch the ferry to “briland” especially when it’s windy. The water on the way over was exceptionally turquoise with a hint of gem-like green. White capped waves were formed as the ferry jetted through the ocean. Upon arrival, the dock was bustling with activity. A freight boat had arrived and had tons of freight for the tiny island. I myself was quite impressed by the logistics of the whole thing. I gave it one last look and headed up the narrow, clean street. I could smell something awesome brewing in the kitchen at The Landing Hotel, I was so temped to stop in for coffee but I quickly reminded myself that I was on business and time was not on my side. I scurried along and shut my eyes tight for a sec, long enough for me to get passed the delectable menu that belonged to The Rock House that sat sturdily up top the hill passing some ancient steps carved out of the natural rock formation. Boy! That hill is steep! I tried to not make it so obvious that I was out of shape as I pulled that hill headed toward the bank. I took a sharp left, then a right and I was there. I dreaded the long line that was awaiting me inside. Steps again? I climbed up the steps to the bank and opened the door. The air conditioning was cool and refreshing. It was such a delightful feeling especially that the bank was empty. Did I miss something? Was something happening else where? It was awkwardly quiet in there and I got served in a jiffy by a handsome, mango skinned fellow who’s smile was very pleasant. As I made my way back to the dock, I looked at the tranquil and sunny skies and breathe a sign of relief. I made it to the dock in record time. I looked back at the little island as I stepped onto the ferry. I’ll come back real soon for a day of food, pink sand beaches and fun I thought.