Page 8: The Signs Of Spring

This morning I was awaken by the sound of our teapot whistling. I stretched, got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I headed to the kitchen to find my husband having tea and a whole wheat sandwich. I peered through the window, the sun was beginning to creep from behind the clouds. It was time to take my husband to work.
From our balcony, I could smell the flowers. The grass was still wet from the dew and it made my toes slippery as I walked to the car. I could hear the sound of bees. Yes, bees. There was a loud buzzing in the air. I told my husband and we realized that every flowering plant had bees on them. They were pollinating the fruit trees and flowers. My husband looks at me excitedly and we both shouted “Spring”. Spring is soon to come and I could hardly wait. The birds are chirping melodiously and the bees are busy at work. I’m anticipating the mangoes this year. They have already revealed their immature selves. I will be patient. Oh and I saw goats grazing todayimage


Page 1: The journey begins

Oh wow! Where did the time go? I am 27 years old now and I am just beginning my journey toward self awareness. There is no need to pity me. For years I had been severely distracted by the opinions and expectations of others. It seemed as if I had lost my true identity. The expectations of others can really rain on your parade.
My mom thought I’d make a great Nurse, my dad thought I’d be a prominent Lawyer. I wanted to be a world famous writer, a small business owner and a philanthropist. But writers in my country didn’t make 6 figures, neither did small business owners. And how could I then become a philanthropist without money? Who has ever heard of a broke philanthropist?
I was stumped and I felt hopeless. In need of a plan of action, I went online using my dreadfully slow 90s eMachines PC and searched for a career that would solve my problem and make me wealthy. I searched for top careers and (bam!), there in the top 3 was computer engineering. Just like that,(snap!) I now wanted to become a computer engineer having no idea of what a computer engineer was. All I did know was that I wanted to be rich and my thirst would get me there.
Computer engineering they say, one of the jobs of the future. I could see it now, Lerenda, nappy headed girl from Eleuthera, a big time Computer Engineer working for the likes of NASA, Microsoft or Apple respectively. My selfish ambition was entirely influenced by the fat salaries offered to computer engineers. I just knew that I wanted to study abroad in the United States, graduate and be on my way to a rewarding career. After all, I did very well in high school to ensure that I could make 6 figures and there was no chance that I would become a homemaker like my mom and/or a taxi driver/carpenter like my dad. My high school teacher always said, “You can be anything that you want to be, all you have to do is believe!” I was armed with a dream. I was certain. I was motivated. I had fixed my eyes on the prize that was a career in computer engineering. I knew that I wanted to take the world by storm. I wanted to travel it and make a difference. But my reality could not have been more farfetched.