Page 7: The Bluff Eleuthera

It’s 75 degrees in my settlement. The skies are clear and the sun is bright. There is a little breeze today so I had to get out of the house. I’ve decided to take a few pictures of some of the interesting sites i saw along the way. Ok…we’ll I didn’t walk around the entire neighborhood but I did pass through a few streets. Here goes.







Page 6: Dinner at Daddy Joe’s

So my husband’s birthday was February 3 and his mom decided to take us to dinner. I know what you’re thinking. No…she’s not controlling and no she’s no monster in law. In fact I was delighted to have dinner with both of them. We went to a restaurant called Daddy Joe’s. It’s a lovely place tucked neatly between The Glass Window Bridge and Gregory Town, Eleuthera. Daddy Joe’s has been recently renovated and I must say that it’s beautiful. The decor is chic and the ambiance is quiet and relaxing. The food was delicious and the servers are well trained (have Chris serve you). The prices are very reasonable and you get lots for your money.

I ordered the 12oz steak which was seasoned to perfection. It had a great sear on it just the way I like it.

My husband ordered the half slab of BBQ RIBS and he had no intentions of sharing any of it!

My mother in law ordered the lemon chicken with capers. She sat quietly throughout the meal.

While they ordered sodas, I ordered some homemade fruit punch and it was divine. The kitchen staff surprised us and sang happy birthday to my husband. He got some scrumptious guava duff with a lit candle on top.


So, if you are ever in The Bahamas, Check out the island of Eleuthera and drive across the infamous Glass Window Bridge and look to your left for Daddy Joe’s.