Page 10: It’s Raining!

It’s raining and ya darn skippy I’m happy! I’m happy because the cantaloupe, honeydew and bell pepper seeds that I planted recently will spring soon. I have what they call a “green thumb” and I love gardening. Well…truth is….my rosemary plant recently died but other than that, I’m pretty good at it. I have no idea where I went wrong with the rosemary. :/ Can you help? I can almost taste those juicy, sweet melons this summer. (Take your mind off the sexual stuff please. This blog is G rated) hahaha… The farmers in my area have been praying for rain for a while now. I just wanna do a rain dance. After a beautiful sunrise, the rain came quickly. The sky is now dark and heavy sheets of rain are falling from the sky. I love the sound that’s against my window. It’s so relaxing. I think I’m going to take a nap soon. There is a faint sound of thunder in the distance.



Page 8: The Signs Of Spring

This morning I was awaken by the sound of our teapot whistling. I stretched, got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I headed to the kitchen to find my husband having tea and a whole wheat sandwich. I peered through the window, the sun was beginning to creep from behind the clouds. It was time to take my husband to work.
From our balcony, I could smell the flowers. The grass was still wet from the dew and it made my toes slippery as I walked to the car. I could hear the sound of bees. Yes, bees. There was a loud buzzing in the air. I told my husband and we realized that every flowering plant had bees on them. They were pollinating the fruit trees and flowers. My husband looks at me excitedly and we both shouted “Spring”. Spring is soon to come and I could hardly wait. The birds are chirping melodiously and the bees are busy at work. I’m anticipating the mangoes this year. They have already revealed their immature selves. I will be patient. Oh and I saw goats grazing todayimage

Page 4: Beautiful Sunrise

This morning I was in no hurry to get out of bed. My husband insisted that I do. See, i need the car today and my husband knows this. The only way that I am going to get it is by taking him to work. He had to be at the ferry to Harbour Island by 6am. It was really chilly this morning. The air was cool and crisp. When we arrived at the dock, I felt a bit of warmth on my face. Sunlight was streaming into the car. I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful sunrise. He said, ” honey look”. He kissed me and said, “see ya later, I love you”. Then I said, “ditto babe”. The sun had begin to rise gracefully. I just had to snap a photo of it. I fumbled for my iPhone and stepped out of the car onto the dock (in my pink and black PJs) and took a few shots. My husband looked back at me while he was boarding the ferry and laughed hysterically. The sight of me in my PJs in a public place taking photos with my iPhone was funny to him I guess. I got back in the car and drove home. I was happy that he did wake me up this morning. I thought to myself, how many other beautiful sunrises did I miss?